Vascular Access in a post COVID-19 World: What do we learn and new paradigms ?

June 2020, 8th

Which kind of peripheral line in COVID patients who do not require hospitalization in the ICU? Midline of all?
by Dr Matthew Simpson, UK
Which kind of central line should we use in COVID patients? PICC or CICC?
by Dr Mauro Pittiruti, Italy
Oncology patients during and after COVID -19 crisis: Chest port management, what do we need to change and improve?
by Dr Luc Rotenberg, France


Intracavitary ECG for tip location in patients with atrial fibrillation

June 2020, 11th

Intracavitary ECG: principles and advantages
by Dr Mauro Pittiruti
A possible limitation: patients with atrial fibrillation (AF)?
by Dr Cristina Garrino
An intracavitary ECG system designed to work with patients in AF
by Dr Antonio La Greca