Vascular Access in a post COVID-19 World: What do we learn and new paradigms ?

June 2020, 8th

  • Which kind of peripheral line in COVID patients who do not require hospitalization in the ICU? Midline of all?
    by Dr Matthew Simpson, UK
  • Which kind of central line should we use in COVID patients? PICC or CICC?
    by Dr Mauro Pittiruti, Italy
  • Oncology patients during and after COVID -19 crisis: Chest port management, what do we need to change and improve?
    by Dr Luc Rotenberg, France

Intracavitary ECG for tip location in patients with atrial fibrillation

June 2020, 11th

  • Intracavitary ECG: principles and advantages
    by Dr Mauro Pittiruti
  • A possible limitation: patients with atrial fibrillation (AF)?
    by Dr Cristina Garrino
  • An intracavitary ECG system designed to work with patients in AF
    by Dr Antonio La Greca

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