About Diane Weber
She studied at the University of Mainz in Germany. During that time she did her internships in France and the USA. She then graduated in 2000 in Germany. Afterwards she worked as surgical resident in Germany and France, and was board certified as a General Surgeon in 2006. Later she worked as a clinical research assistant in Montreal/Canada, and as general and abdominal surgery specialist in France and Germany. In 2014, she became a surgical senior consultant in the surgical oncology department at the Paoli-Calmettes Cancer Center, in Marseille / France. Then in 2019, she was promoted Head of the Vascular Access department in the Paoli-Calmettes Cancer Center in Marseille. She got various other certifications, notably in endoscopy, medical hypnosis, emergency medicine and as surgical oncologist. She has an expert knowledge as a medical team leader and possesses ample teaching skills.